• Jokes on Topless Varudu


    The Telugu folks have got this unique ability to see the best even in the worst of conditions. This applies particularly to the films which they are so passionate about. For instance, take the case of ‘Varudu’ which has been declared as no less than a colossal disaster.

    Though the audience has given thumbs down to it, they are having their own share of humor. Looking at the topless posters of ‘Varudu’, they are now getting two thoughts. Firstly, Allu Arjun went bare to indicate that summer is arriving so it is time to take off the shirts.

    There are those who say that they were worried if Allu Arjun would take an oath in the film not to wear a shirt or top till he gets back the heroine from the clutches of the villain. Such thoughts are even making rounds as SMS and ‘Varudu’ is bringing some smiles to people around. Well, anyway that is another way of publicity.

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