• Katrina Kaif needs bigger Choli

    Katrina Kaif seems to be having many fashion accidents off late. First it was during her promotions of APKGK last year November where there was an “accidental” pantie peek.

    Next is in the Pre wedding Sanget ceremony of two prominent industrialist of Delhi. This celebration could turn sour for Katrina as she almost met with a wardrobe malfunction there.

    Katrina Kaif performed for 20 minutes at sangeet party of Radhika Singhal and Saurabh Dhoot in Delhi on Wednesday. She charged 50 lakhs for her 20 minute performance.

    The star was so engrossed that she didn’t realize that her choli had malfunctioned exposing her lower torso. The front bencher guests managed to grab some of Kats stills on their cameras.“Kat’s enthusiastic and sexy dance routine with Saurabh went down well with the crowd, including Radhika, who happily surrendered her partner at Kat’s request,” source adds.

    I am pretty sure she might have knew about it by this time. So next time Kat, be a tad bit careful about your wardrobe and consider wearing a bigger Choli!!!

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