• Katrina Kaif the powerful Bollywood Star

    The London beauty in Bollywood duty certainly has a clout.Those who have closely watched the ‘Screen’ awards will agree.

    The reason why we are saying this is simple. Picture this, Katrina walked with.The ‘Entertainer of the year award’ and smiled before the paparazzi.

    But an insider has got this scoop on how Kats powered her way into this trophy.

    It goes like this; Kats was nominated for the best actress which she lost to ‘Kareena’.

    Katrina had performed at the function and she was in a relaxed feeling that she has pocketed the best actress trophy but the announcement shocked her. Later she was called upon to receive ‘The Entertainment of the year’ to much of everyone’s surprise cause this category was not even printed in the nominations list so how she got this award remains a mystery but one thing is sure, the actress who has surprised everyone with her success at the B.O. is learning the tricks of trade faster then any politician.

    The effect of ‘Rajneeti’ or the damsel is a beauty with brains who knows exactly how to maintain her profile and use her cards for good which happened at the awards night when the organizers where left with no other choice but to please the reigning Queen of Bollywood by giving her ‘The Entertainer of the year’ award. Kats mein hai Dum we must say.

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