• Katrina says a flat no to kissing

    Katrina Kaif has said a firm ‘no’ to kissing scenes in her forthcoming films – even if the script demands so.

    Says a friend of the actress: “Katrina has said no to kissing scenes in all her films barring ‘New York’. And believe you me, the directors are very keen to see her kiss her co-stars. Katrina cleverly keeps dodging all the so-called must-kiss scenes.”

    “She is a very conservative girl at heart. In fact, when reports claimed she was going to wear a bikini in ‘Dostana 2,’ Katrina protested violently and made it clear to producer Karan Johar and director Tarun Mansukhani – ‘No exposure. No kissing’.”

    In fact, the cast and crew of “Rajneeti” calls Katrina the new-age Hema Malini because she has the hits and she won’t expose or kiss.

    Says Katrina with a laugh: “Well…that’s true. Though comparing me with Hemaji is too much. I don’t deny I’ve done scenes in the past where I did things that I wasn’t comfortable with. But now I won’t. I just don’t feel comfortable doing kissing scenes, or for that matter, wearing a bikini on screen.”

    In both “Ajan Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani” and “Rajneeti,” there was apparently a request for a kiss with Ranbir Kapoor. But Katrina said a polite yet firm no.

    Says a source: “All the intimate scenes in ‘Rajneeti’ are between Ranbir and his American girlfriend played by Sarah Thompson. They have lingering love-making and kissing shots. In the Indian portion of Ranbir’s story, there’s no intimacy with Katrina. She convinced the director that the character of a dignified politician doing intimate scenes would not go down well with the audience.”

    Katrina says: “It’s true. I’m not at all comfortable doing kissing scenes. Call me a prude or conservative. I just don’t feel kissing scenes jell well with our audiences. So no kissing scenes for me.”

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