• Mohan Babu’s Hollywood goof up turns comedy

    The senior actor Mohan Babu has always been hailed for his impeccable dialogue delivery and the correct timing of his lines. However, it appears all that power is perhaps onscreen only and not off-screen. Atleast, that was the witty remark heard after listening to Mohan Babu speaking outside.

    All this happened at the Curtain Raiser event of the Celebrity Cricket League where Telugu, Tamil, Kannada stars became one team while Bollywood was the other team. Speaking in his baritone voice, Mohan Babu said “today on one side there is the south Indian cricket team and on the other side is the ‘Hollywood’ team”

    Instead of saying Bollywood, the collection king burped Hollywood. All around realized it was done by mistake but were quipping that it was nice to see someone like Mohan Babu making such goof-ups. At the end of it, most of them had few hearty smiles and let it go.

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