• My glamour is in massage – Nayantara


    Nayanatar Tollywood and kollywood hot babe becomes a busy bee. She is simultaneously doing Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and now Kannada films. She has just completed film Adurs with NTR and subsequently doing a film ‘Simha’ with Balakrishna On the other hand she is doing a Tamil film ‘Boss Engira Bhaskaran’ and a Malayalam film ‘Body guard.’ While she is busy with her present commitments, recently she also signed one more film, this time a Kannada film with hero Upendra He will play the lead role and also direct the film.

    Although, she has no rest these days, she is still maintaining her glamour better than earlier. When media asked her about the same, she said that regular massaging the body will keep her fresh and make her energetic. “The first thing I do after finishing my daily work is going to massage centre, where I re energize myself with body massaging. It not only helps me relieve from stress but also makes me glamorous than ever. In addition to this, I take nutritious food and practice Yoga in the morning.”

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