• Nagam To Quit TDP

    Telugu Desam Party leaders from Telangana were upset with party chief’s stance on Thursday that they should not air their views in public on the T-issue as it is very sensitive.

    Many tdp leaders from Telangana resented this. Nagam Janardhan Reddy, a senior tdp leader was very much upset because Chandrababu reminded him in particular while delivering the speech. Naidu also declined to submit any memorandum on Telangana issue to the Srikrishna Panel.

    The tdp chief’s remarks came at a time when the party was going through a crisis in Telangana. All the tdp candidates who were fielded for the 12 segments of Telangana region in the recent by-elections forfeited their security deposits.

    Further, the Telangana leaders were irked by the posers of Chandrababu who asked them if they were willing to solve the issue as there are internal differences between the North and South Telangana due to cultutral variations.

    According to sources, Nagam Janardhan Reddy at the moment is keeping a low profile in the party and it will be no surprise even if he calls it ‘quits’ from tdp.

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