• Ram Charan Feels No Kikk In Orange story


    Ram Charan Teja is in sydney, australia shooting for his next movie ORANGE.
    This schedule will go on till April in which 2 songs and few action sequences will be shot on Charan and Genelia.
    But Charan feels he is missing something.
    Charan had worked his guts out during the making of ‘Magadheera’ for about 200 days. He was hitting the gym regularly, braved many risky stunts and went through extreme hardships under the tough choreography of Peter Heines. But ‘Orange’ is a complete contrast.
    It is a soft tender love story and all Charan has to do is become a chocolate boy with elegance. It seems he was sharing with his friends that he is not getting that kind of kick due to the rather mild character he is portraying. Hope this boredom doesn’t show on the screen as well.

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