• Reemma Sen takes 30 takes for perfect kiss

    Reemma Sen, who is playing a journalist in her next Bollywood venture, Society, had to reportedly go through 30 retakes to get the perfect kiss.

    Reemma laughs, “I wasn’t counting the number of retakes, but there were quite a few. I don’t think it’s a big deal because it was just a peck on the cheek, not an intimate kiss. Rajvirr Singh (her co-star) is a newcomer and I guess he was a bit tense while kissing me in front of the entire crew.”

    While Reemma didn’t mind the number of retakes, she admits she’s hesitant about doing intimate kissing scenes in movies. “I know that kissing scenes and bikinis are not abig deal anymore. But I wouldn’t be comfortable doing it. I’d have to give it some thought,” she says.
    As for Society, Reemma says it’s a feel-good film and her character a bubbly one. “While the film has a serious message, it’s been delivered in a fun way. My character is full of energy all the time. While working on the film, I understood the deadlines that journalists have to face every day,” she says. Reemma is also starring in Priyadarsan’s next film, Aakrosh, with Akshay Kumar. “Priyadarsan takes a break from comedies and delves into an important issue in this film,” she says.

    While Reemma has delivered a couple of hits in Tamil and Telugu, her appearances in Bollywood have been few and far between. “As an actor, I try to exercise complete control over things. I’ve done a few commercial films, but sometimes you have to make the best of what you get. As of now, I just want to concentrate onBollywood,” she maintains.


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