• Renu Desai behind Pavan’s Away from politics

    The latest news heard in filmnagar circles-about Pawan Kalyan-
    After Assembly elections- Mega family was in big disappointment- but now they slowly coming out of that bad result and every mega family member is help PRP to recover from the bad experience of poor election result- but one man is not at all looking at the party- he is Pawan Kalyan- Yuvarajyam President. He never came back to PRP office after the election results or never spoke a word about politics after the election results.
    The reasons said for this are-
    1.Renu Desai doesn’t want her hubby to go back to elections.
    2.The other reason said is- the result really hurt Pawan’s feelings- he is very much shocked with the way public received his brother’s social service nature.
    3. It is also said that Pawan will act as advisor for Yuvarajyam- skipping president post.

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