• Salman slams Zarine Khan hype

    Bollywood star Salman Khan has slammed the hype over the reported similarities between his Veer co-star Zarine and actress Katrina Kaif. Salman said that if there was any similarities between the two stars he would have been the first notice it. Salman said that God has never made two people look alike and he didn’t seen any resemblance between Katrina and Zarine except for the the fair skin and sharp nose.

    Salman added that he and director Anil Sharma decided to cast Zarine because they wanted a yesteryear look and hence the need for a fresh face for it. Salman said that the presence of an established actress would have looked like as if the actress was playing the role. Salman who had met Zarine on the sets of Yuvvraaj felt she would be ideal for the role.

    Salman added that he didn’t feel the pressure of the huge box office success of Aamir Khan starrer 3 Idiots as he never believed in the number race and no parallel could be drawn between 3 Idiots and a period film like Veer. Salman concluded by saying that if his movie was good it would connect well with the audience.

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