• Shriya Saran’s Nude Pic’s In Circulation

    Her name is enough to create a tsunami in the hearts of many men and her looks are sufficient to shake the trousers of all and create an earthquake. She is none other than Shriya and right now, she is the hot topic of discussion for a rather kinky but unfortunate reason.

    Apparently, grapevine says that while posing for a film magazine cover page draped in a bathtowel, Shriya’s towel dropped down and the photos clicked. Though measures were immediately taken to censor all those, somehow they got leaked and right now, the nude pictures are said to be making hot circulations.

    Those who have seen the stills say that Shriya is looking no less than a sex goddess and with her sculpted body and silky skin, she has raised the mercury levels to an alarming level. The nude photos are said to be in major circulation through the internet but there are those who quash these stills as morphed creations.

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