• Sneha Aiming to be first in that ??


    Homely actress sneha, who is more known for family oriented movies, is turning to become a poet and a prostitute. As per the news from few reliable sources, sneha may accept her next project based on a historical subject.

    Muddu Palani, the woman poet of 18th century is famous for her literary work ‘Radhika Santhwanamu.’ She was a courtesan at the court of the Maratha king Tanjavur Pratap Singh to whom she dedicated the above book. This book is considered by Victorian moral standards as a book of obscenity with immense sex related topics.

    sneha is known to be portraying the dual roles of Muddu Palani and a fictious character of prostitute in her book. As Muddu Palani is also associated with Telugu literature during Sri Krishnadevaraya period, this movie will have enough importance in Telugu and one can easily expect this movie to be bilingual.

    If the news about the movie is true…sneha is sure to have a life time opportunity with this movie.

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