• Sridevi to star in RGV’s ‘Mogudi Meeda Anumanam’

    Already RGV announced the film ‘Pelli’ and here it is something different.

    The undying and ever growing admiration of Ramgopal Varma towards Sridevi is known to all. While he minces no words about his attraction, here is an interesting buzz making rounds. It is heard that Ramu has begun to make preparations to approach Sridevi with a new script.

    As usual, this will shake few pillars as the film has been titled ‘Mogudi Meeda Anumanam’, as per sources. Inside news is that RGV is determined to do this film with Sridevi and is not willing to take ‘no’ for an answer. While his levels of persuasion are known to many in the cine circuit, here is the flip side.

    The title sounds shady and has already raised few eyebrows. They are now asking as to how someone like Sridevi will say yes. However, the admirers of RGV say it is only a matter of listening to the storyline of Ramu and she will be in. If that happens, it will be a dream come true not just for Ramu but also to the several loyal fans of Sridevi in our state.

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