• Srinu Vaitla fulfills Surekhavani’s dream.

    surekhavani is growing in glamour now days. Although surekhavani has got struck up with aunty roles, many in the field murmur that she has the caliber to carry the whole movie on her own as a heroine. But who dares to offer a heroine role after watching her again and again in aunty roles.

    If this is one side of story, the other side is surekhavani said that she had a long dream to cherish to act besides hero Venkatesh but there was never a chance offered. It is Srinu Vaitla who has offered her a good role in ‘Namo Venkatesha’ and surekhavani can’t stop anymore to express her satisfaction with the role.

    “Srinu Vaitla garu satisfied me with the role in his ‘Namo Venkatesha’ as my long dream to act with Venkatesh garu is fulfilled and I really thank him,” said ecstatic surekhavani.

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