• “There is nothing wrong wearing a bikini” – Priyamani

    Priyamani says that there is nothing wrong in wearing a bikini or any other skinny ones. She point out to Bollywood actresses like Bipasha Basu, Aishwarya Rai to tighten her stand opinion. According to her, “ Acting is my career. I am pursuing it with passion. And I can’t be reluctant to the professional demands of my director. Moreover, there is nothing wrong in wearing a bikini or other skinny attires.”

    Priyamani says that she becomes very professional when it comes to the matter of work. The actress says she can’t say no when filmmakers ask her to wear skimpy costumes to add glamour to a particular song or scene. Priyamani hopes Sambo Siva Sambo, the Telugu remake of Tamil hit Naadodigal to be an important film in her career. Apart from Sambo Siva Sambo, Priyamani is acting in two other Telugu ventures and one Kannada film. “I am open to offers in Tamil too. But the character should be meaty,” she says.

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