• Tollywood Actress 3 Lakhs Per Night

    Popular Tollywood actress, who is Known for her voluptuous figure and erotic shape is charging Rs 3 Lakhs per Night. Despite having limited offers in hand she has a very active fan base that vouch by her sex appeal. She has been paired opposite Jagapathi Babu and Music Director RP Patnaik in the initial stage of her career. Grapevine has it that a city based businessman has great love for the lady and is practically keeping her for himself. But that does not stop this Actress from making her own living. Recently an NRI was so much fida on the lady that he booked for a cool Rs 3 lakhs for the baby’s nights. The actress immediately agreed and there was no stopping the couple. A resort on the outskirts of the city was booked and lady and the man had a jolly time!

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