• Trisha linkups are real worry to her mother

    “Don’t kill the goose that lays the golden egg”. Does Trisha’s mother Uma Krishnan doesn’t know this proverb? If she knows, why is she planning to conduct the marriage of Trisha as soon as possible? Trisha is charging 80 Lakhs to 1 Crore rupees per film now. She is only 26 and still looks young, slim and charming. Then why her mother feels it necessary and hasty in conducting her marriage?

    Trisha has been in news several times for her unabashed behavior in the night clubs of Star Hotels and in the midnight get-togethers. But, lately she is continuously making headlines for her closeness with boyfriends. In 2009 alone, she was gossiped that she was dating with Sydney, a fashion designer and then, with Aakasamantha fame Ganesh Venkatram, a Cardiologist by profession and Simbhu is always there to add the list. The latest news is that Trisha has now been seen with a new boyfriend in the shooting spots. The entire Tollywood is now gossiping hotly about Trisha and her new boyfriend who is a businessman. Trisha and her new boyfriend were found enjoying their time intimately in a party held recently at Hyderabad.

    Even though she wants to conceal her boyfriends and her unabashed behaviors from the public eyes, she can’t escape from the hawk eyes of media. Leaving the truth behind all these gossipis, Uma Krishnan might have thought that it is high time to go for the marriage of her daughter before anything goes really wrong. Whatever you say, she is a traditional Indian mother you know!

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