• Trisha to face the ban from Kollywood?

    As per the Kollywood sources, trisha is to face severe punishment from Tamil Cinema industry for getting over acted. Today is a special day for Kollywood, as entire industry is getting united to felicitate their Chief Minister Karunanidhi on a grand note in Chennai.

    It is known that legends like Rajinikanth, Kamal Hasan and other top heroines are displaying their skills on the big stage in the form of dances and skits. When everybody is performing on the stage as a gesture towards their Chief Minister, only one heroine trisha is known to have rejected the request to give a stage show.

    When heroines like Nayanathara, Anushka, Sneha, Shriya are performing on the stage, what is so special that trisha is denying the offer? This has led to some heated moments in Kollywood and few sources from Kollywood say that, trisha might be banned from Kollywood for few days as a punishment.

    Will trisha take back her decision and perform on the stage? Let us wait till the evening.

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