• Unmarried Nagma learn lessons from married Jyothika!

    Many know that hot actress nagma and Tamil heroine Jyothika are sisters. nagma who rose to peaks during her career in South has launched Jyothika into the field and she too was successful.

    Now, Jyothika after delivering good number of hits has married Suriya and living happily with her family. On the other hand nagma went in search of opportunities to Bollywood and from there to even Bhojpuri where rumors spread about her unmarried relation with Ravi Kishan, the Bhojpuri super star.

    With opportunities dwindling in cine field, nagma made her way to Politics. After all the trials there, now nagma is known to be trying hard to find a life partner. With younger sister Jyothika having made a wonderful family, many were known to have advised nagma to learn the lessons from her.

    If nagma has learnt the positive points from Jyothika, then she sure would get a better partner very soon. But, surely he may not be Saurav Ganguly.

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