• Will Priyamani get third time lucky?

    It’s very rare to hear from actress Priya Mani that she’s in the city. “Yes, I’m trying to battle with the cockroaches at home,” she laughs.

    Even as she’s working for a Puri Jagannath film in Telugu, the latest buzz in Sandalwood about the busy actress is that she’s been approached for Puneet Rajkumar’s next flick, Jackie, which is being produced under the star’s home banner.

    When BT checked with Priya, she confirmed the news, saying, “I got a call from Puneet’s personal manager asking me if I have the dates to work in Puneet’s next flick, Jackie,” she says, adding, “Talks are on. I have to adjust my dates and if everything goes well, I’ll definitely take up the project.”

    Is it because of Raam’s success that Priya emerged the choice for a second time as well? “It might be. I really enjoyed working with Puneet in Raam. He’s a fantastic human being and I’d love to do another film with him,” replies Priya, who remembers one title when we mention director Suri, who’ll helm Jackie. “Yeah, he’s the one who directed Duniya.” she says.

    Currently shooting for her second film, Eno Ontara, opposite Golden Star Ganesh, Priya will soon be packing her bags to head to Malaysia. “In a couple of days, I’m leaving for my next schedule of Puri’s film,” she says.

    Her Bollywood debut, Raavan, has also kept her busy. “I’ve dubbed for myself in Hindi and in Tamil. Dubbing in Hindi was a different experience. Saathiya director Shaad Ali was there to help me. I quite enjoyed it,” she wraps up.

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