• Will ‘Ye Maya Chesaave’ Effects leader ??

    Yem mayya chasavo

    Well, strange are the fates of few promising movies in the Tollywood circuit. Usually the masala movies come together and the chance of seeing two classy movies at the same time is very rare. But now it has happened and as expected, the impact is showing at the box office.

    We are talking about the ongoing movie ‘Leader’ which has been joined by the latest release ‘Ye Maya Chesaave’. Apparently, both are targeting class youth and the trade pundits say that with the latest release, the performance of ‘Leader’ would get affected at the collection centres.

    As it is, such genre movies have a selected crowd of audience and if that gets distributed, the revenues go down. However, some are positive that both movies would get their own share of response and they will shine. Only the coming days will give the real picture.

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