• Yuvi back to Kim Sharma?

    Not too long ago Kim Sharma was said to be dating Australian singer Carlos Marin. And her Ex lover Yuvaraj Singh hitting sixes in cricket stadium. However, Kim Sharma instead of listening her current lover crooning, spending much time of posting messages on networking site. Interestingly Yuvi who is struggling for form spending lot of time reading Kim posts and replying.

    Although both are still making it official, people around them say they are back together. This time it is Yuvaraj sing who is trying hard to revive the relationship. He is very possessive about her and it can be seen from an incident took place during a recent party when they met coincidentally. Yuvi could not bear to see Kim chatting with her friend Abhishek and broke into argument . Even though they didn’t come to the party together, they left the venue together. Keeping in mind that her relationship status on a social networking site is ‘not single anymore’, Now it is anybody’s guess!!!

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