• 24 Telugu Movie Review

    Star Cast: Suriya, Samantha, Nitya Menen and others

    Director: Vikram K Kumar

    Producer: Suriya

    Music Director: AR Rahman


    Dr. Siva Kumar (Suriya) is a super genius scientist  who invents a time travelling watch. His evil twin brother, Athreya (Suriya) wants to grab it by hook or crook. In the process, he kills Siva Kumar and wife. However Siva’s son Mani Shankar (Suriya) and his rare invention escapes from Athreya. Years later, Athreya wakes up from coma and is back again in the hunt to recover the watch. What happens next forms the rest of the story.

    24 Movie Review
    24 Movie Review


    Suriya plays a Triple role. Unlike actor who do multiple roles for the sake of playing them, there is a genuine need in the film for the Triple role. His performance in the villain role is undoubtedly his career best performance. Samantha is gorgeous but however the chemistry between her and Suriya did not work out. Nitya Menen appears in a cameo role and she is an asset to the film. Ajay is seen as Athreya’s assistant and he is good. Rest of the cast including Girish Karnad and others did a decent job.

    Technical Performances:

    Vikram Kumar should be commended for the different subjects he is offering to audience. However the problem with this script is that it is very good on paper but failed to translate good in execution. The love track and other fillers, deviate the film from the main plot and also slowed down the proceedings. However some of the brilliant things can not be ignored here. It is amazing how the director explained the time travel technique so easily to common audience. And in the climax, he brilliantly closed all the open ends in the story.

    The three songs were shot stylishly but the effect on audience is not that great given the bad chemistry between Suriya and Samantha. AR Rahman had come up with International Standards back ground score in some places and but in many places places, it is dull. The camera work of S.Tirru is outstanding. The editor should have done more justice to his job.

    Plus Points:

    1. Suriya as Athreya
    2. Superb Subject
    3. VFX at some places
    4. Climax

    Minus Points:

    1. Lack of nativity
    2. Samantha
    3. Slow pace and big run time

    Final Say:

    Finally, 24 has its brilliant moments but there are many flaws as well. Firstly it is not a Sci-Fi film, it is a family drama with Time Travel concept. We will enjoy the film as long as Athreya is on screen but the remaining is boring. Having said that you can watch it once to encourage the different attempt and enjoy those brilliant moments.

    Tollywood Andhra Rating: 3.25/5

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