• Adhinayakudu trailers creating Political sensation

    Nandamuri Balakrishna’s Ready to Release movie Adhinayakudu which was in news for several wrong reasons till now, had become the talk of the Tollywood and political circles in the state for the satirical dialogues. The movie reportedly contained several political dialogues aimed at YS Jagan and Chiranjeevi.

    The first trailer of the movie which had released had few dialogues with indirect reference to YS Jagan unveiling lakhs of statues of  his father Ys Raja Shekar Reddy.The dialogue “Manchi nayakudu prajala gundello undaligani, Roadla meedha vigrahalallo kadhu, Unattundi ee Vigrahala rajakeeyam endhuku modhalu pettavo chepthava nannu cheppamantava” is a direct attack on it.

    And the latest trailer which released yesterday has a dialogue  “Padhavi isthamani eravesthe vachevadu nayakudu kadhu, vallu vere untaru velli vethukondi, meeru mee adhishtanam”. The dialogue  has indirect reference to Chiranjeevi who merged his PRP party in to Congress for the sake of Rajya Sabha seat and union ministry.


    New trailer
    1st Trailer
    2nd trailer

    Adhinayakuda Release Trailer balakrishna Adhinayakuda Trailer

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