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    Check out James Bond Movie Review starring Allari Naresh, Sakshi Chowdhury and Krishna Bhagavan etc.

    James Bond Review

    Nani (Allari Naresh) is a simple guy and he wishes to marry a traditional and beautiful girl. He falls in love with a girl and marries her within no time. After the marriage, Nani comes to know the real identity of his wife and all his dream are shattered. What is that real identity of Nani’s wife? Can Nani overcome the problems? All these answers form the rest of the story.

    In the opening title, we will see that the story is written by AK Entertainments i.e the production company of this film. Well, to begin with, this James Bond story is highly inspired by a Hollywood action thriller and the movie offers nothing new expect some visual feast from Sakshi Chowdhury.

    Isn’t the comedy good? This will be the first question that will strike in the minds of very Telugu movie lover. What else can anyone expect from Allari Naresh’s film? 

    Naresh has downplayed his role and most of the story revolves around Sakshi Chowdhury. It’s a treat to watch this sexy lady and her curvaceous figure is definitely going to give sleepless nights to the men of all ages.

    As informed earlier, we cannot expect nothing new from the story and the rest of the excitement will be murdered by the dialogue writer Sridhar Seepana. Unnecessary usage of rhyming words has become a fashion in Tollywood and it started to sound like a torture to the audience. 

    Sai Karthik’s music and BGM score are good. We cannot expect more from Naresh in this film as his character is etched in such a way.



    Sakshi Chowdhury




    Second Half

    Dragged Episodes

    Final Word: Apart from Sakshi Chowdhury’s visual feast, there is nothing much to talk about this ‘James Bond’

    Tollywood Andhra Rating: 2.5/5

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