• Baahubali team clarifies over controversy

    baahubali team

    Baahubali Tamil writer, Madhan Karky had come out with an apology over the recent controversy of the movie in Tamil Nadu. He apologized for the usage of a word ‘pagadai’- denoting Sakkiliayar people (a sub-caste of dalit), which is considered to be derogatory. 

    There were protests in Tamil Nadu over this and even a petrol bomb was thrown on a theater in Madurai. Madhan Karky released a press release that he did not mean to use the term to tarnish the community image. 

    “There were few scenes in the movie against casteism which indicates the team do not have such intentions”, Madhan Karky said. The team had decided to mute or delete the word from the movie immediately. Baahubali’s Tamil version is doing extremely well in Tamil Nadu, despite facing stiff competition from a big starrer like Maari.

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