• Baahubali team intensifies fight against piracy

    baahubali team

    After having a sensational run at the box office, the makers of Baahubali had shifted their focus on to controlling the piracy that is affecting the movie. The makers have already got the John Doe Order but it could not rein the piracy and a crystal clear print of the movie in all languages is readily available on the internet. 

    In this awake, the makers have got a mandatory injunction from Hyderabad Civil Court. The order mandates all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Websites to remove and block all the pirated content of the movie immediately.

    The root cause of the online piracy is the simultaneous release in Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam languages. Most of the pirates obtain clear prints from other languages and sync them with Telugu audio and release them over the  internet. However, the effect of piracy on the movie seem to be very minimal.

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