• Balakrishna’s Kindly Gesture to his 90-year old Fan

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    Balakrishna’s Kindly Gesture to his 90-year old Fan

    Nandamuri Balakrishna is one of the most friendliest actors in Tollywood. Though many are scared to talk with him, people close to Balayya know about his jovial nature. Balakrishna is currently shooting for his upcoming film Dictator. The talkie part is under progress and the unit is filming some comedy scenes in an apartment at Gopalampalli.

    A 90-year old woman staying in that apartment is a hardcore fan of Nandamuri family. She came to know that Balakrishna has come to their apartment but due to her health condition, she is not allowed to walk.

    Balakrishna came to know about her condition and he visited the old woman’s apartment. He spent for close to an hour with her and spoke about the films and other things. That old woman was in tears when Balakrishna entered her house.

    This is truly a kind gesture from Balakrishna.

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