• Business Man Teaser released, amidst huge drama

    Business Man teaser was leaked to internet in an extremely bizarre manner. Interestingly, the culprit this time is none other than the Telugu Film Producers Council. Surprised? Eh? Yeah, the trailer was sent for Censor on Wednesday. An employee of the TFPC uploaded it into the official website of TFPC. The teaser with out back ground music and proper sound and video quality was immediately telecast in all TV channels.

    The team of Business Man was virtually shell shocked as the teaser was leaked 2 days prior to two days before the release date (11.11.11) and that too of poor quality. The Original trailer was prepared on immediate basis in Puri Jagannath’s office and was dispatched to the media immediately to avoid damage.

    The original teaser with rocking BGM from Thaman and “ila roundup chesi confuse cheyyoddu… endukante confusionlo ekkuvaga kottestanu”… dialogue by Mahesh lived up to the expectations of fans and movie lovers. The movie is releasing on 11th January, 2012.

    View Business Man Teaser here:


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