• Great Telugu Gossip website turns Blood Vampire for Tollywood

    Sucking Money From Producers and Directors
    Great website turns Blood Vampire for Tollywood
    A website which claims to be the Senior most website of Telugu Cinema is sucking the blood of small to big producers. The website says it has immense popularity in the educated class as well as Overseas audience. The articles and reviews they write are capable of dwindling the fate of a film. Taking advantage of this, the website and its staff is turning Blood Vampire.
    The website is resorting to blackmail of producers with negative articles and less ratings, and is sucking their blood demanding money in the form of ads. Usually producers give ads to websites but this Great website demands more and more citing their popularity and so called range. Producers who make films with their hard earned money finally surrender to their blackmailing.
    Even small producers who struggle to finish their films are also not exempted by these websites. Even upcoming heroes have to please the website management and its writers by offering them costly gifts. The website off late launched a tabloid and also claims to influence some columns in popular Newspapers and magazines which adds to the struggle of the producers.
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