• I don’t care about box-office records: Ram Charan

    The success meet of Mega Power Star Ram Charan’s ‘Dhruva’ was held yesterday night in Hyderabad. Surprisingly, Charan looked very energetic and he interacted in a jovial mood with the media. Most of the Telugu movie lovers are well aware about the love and hate relationship between Ram Charan & Telugu media. For the first time, Charan thanked the entire press and saluted to each and every media person who supported for ‘Dhruva’.

    Ram Charan saluted media for their support to Dhruva
    Ram Charan saluted media for their support to Dhruva

    Speaking at the event, Ram Charan said, “When Allu Aravind garu and I saw Thani Oruvan and the thought of remaking it occurred, he immediately came forward to produce it. And Surender Reddy then agreed to produce the film and it proved to be a huge asset. It’s possible that me and Aravind garu waited for four years after Magadheera to work together only for a good story like Dhruva. If me and him work together, the person who is the most happiest is my mother. And it’s so good that for her happiness, the film has even proved to be so successful. I would like to thank everyone who played my friends in the films. Posani garu did a great role in the film too. Music by Hip Hop Thamizha was amazing. In fact, the background score by them elevated the film to an all new level. And I hope to work with them again in the future. Their music really made it difficult for me to dance! As for Rakul, my fans went into a tizzy looking at her in the song Pareshanu Ra. I don’t really care about numbers and seats. I am not bothered about records too. Because if I am, it will not be easy to go for a good story. 

    I would really like to thank both the audience and the media for this film.”

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