• Kittu Unnadu Jagratha Movie Review

    Cast : Raj Tharun, Anu Emmanuel & Others.
    Director: Vamsi Krishna
    Writer: Srikanth Vissa
    Producer: Anil Sunkara
    Music : Anoop Rubens
    Cinematographer: B Rajasekhar
    Editor: MR Varma
    Banner: AK Entertainments
    Release date: March 3, 2017
    Kittu (Raj Tharun) is a mechanical engineer who runs a garage with his friends. Their lives are happy until Kittu falls in love with Janaki (Anu Emmanuel). The twist in the tale arises when Janaki forgets 25 Lakhs Cash in the garage and Kittu’s Friend runs away with that. Raj Tharun wants to make up for that. He along with his friends. But their add their savings and borrowings only get them 15 Lakhs. They borrow the remaining amount and to repay the loan, they resort to the kidnapping of pets and demanding money from the owners. Rest of the story is all about what happens to their love story.
    Kittu is a tailor made role for Raj Tharun. But then we do not see any change in his body language, dialogue delivery, and comedy timing. Anu Emmanuel is gorgeous but then her character does not have enough meat. Arbaaz Khan’s role is also half baked and he is okay. Nagababu’s character is also similar. 30 Years Prudhvi’s Comedy track is the major highlight of the film. Prabhakar is good while Sudharshan Reddy and Praveen who are seen as the hero’s friends are okay as well.
    Technical Performances:
    The movie has got a simple storyline which is silly at times. The screenplay is also flat disappointing the audience. But then it has some comedy blocks working very well. The first half is good with those dog kidnaps and the love track but then things derail in the second half. Director Vamsi Krishna if handled the second half well, things would have been different.

    The songs composed by Anoop Rubens are okay but they are not interestingly picturized. The background score is good at places. B. Rajasekhar’s Camera Work is regular and nothing new. Editing is okay while the production values are grand.

    Plus Points:
    Dog Kidnap Scenes
    Prudhvi Comedy Track
    Minus Points:
    Routine Story with no Novel Factor
    Boring Second Half
    Poor Characterizations
    Final Say:
    Kittu Unnadu Jagratha is an average fare with comedy working here and there. Even though, the film is entertaining, lack of novel story and pretty ordinary screenplay are dampeners. Watch it just for Time Pass with Zero Expectations!
    TollywoodAndhra Rating: 2.5/5
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