• Loukyam Movie Review


    Star Cast: Gopichand, Rakul Preet Singh, Brahmanandam, Sampath, Mukesh Rishi and Chandra Mohan etc.
    Music and BGM: Anup Rubens
    Cinematography: Vetri
    Editing: SR Sekhar
    Dialogues: Sreedhar Seepana
    Screenplay: Kona Venkat and Gopimohan
    Director: Srivaas
    Producer: Anand Prasad

    Action Hero Gopichand has teamed up with his ‘Lakshyam’ director Srivaas for ‘Loukyam’. Rakul Preet Singh is the leading lady and the star cast includes Brahmanandam, Chandramohan, Pragathi, Hamsanandini, ’30 Years’ Prudhvi and Bharath etc. Let us check out the review to know more about the film.


    Venkateswarlu aka Venky (Gopichand) helps his friend to elope with a girl. This angers the girl’s brother and his goons are after Venky to catch hold of him. Venky escapes from Warangal and enters Hyderabad where he falls for Chandrakala (Rakul Preet Singh). After a turn of events, Chandrakala starts to love Venky and they come to know about the twist in the tale. What kind of twist is that? What is the relation between Venky and Chandrakala’s brother? Will their love succeed? All the answers form the rest of ‘Loukyam’.


    To begin with, ‘Loukyam’ is the same kind of template film that our Tollywood has been following from the past 5-6 years. Apart from some hilarious episodes by the lead comedians, there is nothing much to mention about the story. Kona Venkat and Gopimohan have provided the same screenplay that they were doing from their past 8-10 films. Sridhar Seepana tried hard to present every dialogue in Rhyming and his ‘Prasa’ became a ‘Nasa’. Anup Rubens’ music is a major minus point for the film and his background score is terrible.
    Talking about the good part, ’30 Years’ Prudhvi is a big surprise in the film and he has become the biggest asset for ‘Loukyam’. His comic timing and dialogue delivery is fantastic. It’s good to see that after a long time, a comedian like Prudhvi has overshadowed comedy king Brahmanandam. Gopichand delivered a decent performance and it’s a cakewalk character for him. Rakul Preet Singh raised the oomph factor with her glam outfits in the songs and she look beautiful in the film. Srivaas took no pain to come up with a new storyline and the audience can easily relate every scene to one or the other hit Telugu films in the recent times. SR Sekhar’s editing is decent and he saved the film from entering into lag and covered many flaws.


    ’30 Years’ Prudhvi’s Comedy
    Gopichand and Rakul Preet

    Negatives :

    Songs and BGM
    Routine Story
    Too much usage of Rhyming words in dialogues

    Final Word: Loukyam is just another routine comedy film that doesn’t have anything new to offer. If you are bored and want to watch a film for killing your time, then go for it.

    TollywoodAndhra Rating: 2.75/5

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