• Maa Abbayi Movie Review

    Cast: Sri Vishnu, Chitra Shukla, Kasi Viswanadh, Sana and Others
    Director: Kumar Vatti
    Story and Dialogues: Kumar Vatti
    Producer: Balaga Prakash Rao
    Music: Suresh Bobbili
    Cinematographer: Dhanshyam
    Editor: Marthand K Venkatesh
    Banner: Vennela Creations
    Release date: March 17th, 2017


    Abbayi (Sri Vishnu) completes his studies and waiting to join in the MNC where he is placed. His sister gets engaged but then a bomb blast near Sai Baba temple at Dwarakanagar, Hyderabad kills his entire family. From then, Abbayi decides to take revenge on those who are behind the heinous crime. Rest of the story is all about how he manages to avenge the death of his family members and leads happy life with his lover (Chitra Shukla)

    Maa Abbayi


    Sri Vishnu is okay in this role. After a serious role in Appatlo Okadundevadu, he chose a character with energy to woo the masses. His character is designed with arrogant expressions and body language but then his core base of the family audience will find it difficult with such roles. The debut heroine, Chitra Shukla offered a glamour treat but then there is no scope for performance. Vishal Patni is okay as the baddie while others did justice to their roles.
    Technical Performances:
    The director Kumar Vatti tried to showcase Vishnu in out and out mass role but then the routine and nothing novel story killed it totally. The scenes between the lead pair are more like stalking than romantic. Further, the plot of the hero taking revenge on anti-social elements after a bomb blast was tested several times in the past. Further, the narration proceeds in a way there is nothing exciting from the start to the climax.
    Suresh Bobbili’s songs are okay here and there but the background score is disappointing. The placements of the songs is worse. Dhanshyam’s camera work is impressive as he explored some good locales. Senior Editor Marthand K Venkatesh could have chopped off some good portion of the film but then he left them as it is. Production Values are very good.
    Plus Points:
    Chitra Shukla’s glamour
    Production Values
    Minus Points:
    Illogical narration
    Screenplay, Direction
    Final Say:
    Maa Abbayi is wasted attempt of Sri Vishnu to explore a totally unknown avenue (mass). At the end, the movie just tests the patience of the audience with boring stuff. Skip it.
    TollywoodAndhra Rating: 1.5/5
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