• Mahesh Babu’s hidden rule for Brahmotsavam

    Superstar Mahesh Babu’s Brahmotsavam is releasing tomorrow across the globe. The movie was censored few days and it was revealed that the movie final run-time is locked at 156 minutes. Usually Srikanth Addala is known for his lengthy films. So this comes as a surprise to every one.

    Trimming for Brahmotsavam before the release
    Trimming for Brahmotsavam before the release

    But the fact is that the movie arrived at 168 minutes after the film shooting. But Mahesh Babu reportedly told Addala nothing doing and it can not be that long. Finally Addala sat at the Editor’s desk and managed to trim it down to 156 minutes. Usually that should be a convenient run-time for Telugu audience to sit and enjoy.


    Overseas Premieres will start tonight. Huge number of premieres are planned there like never before. New Jersey and Newyork alone are screening 25 theaters which is a record. The recently released audio and trailers have given a positive feel about the movie.  If the movie happens to get HIT talk, families are expected to beeline before the movie theaters.

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