• Meher huge hopes on Shadow

    Shadow Teaser Release
    Shadow Teaser Release

    Shadow has become life or death for director Meher Ramesh as he is currently holding a bad reputation after the debacle of Shakthi. He is putting his 100% efforts in his upcoming movie ‘Shadow’. The movie is 70% complete and is gearing up for release during Sankranthi season.

    Meher had readied the first look teaser of the movie. Earlier they have planned to release the teaser for Vinayaka Chaviti but it did not take place due to some reasons. The teaser is all set to release on October 1st.The teaser will have ultra stylish visuals with a dialogue ” Nenu yevarannadhi ‘MYSTERY’… Nenu create chesedhi ‘HISTORY’… adugu vesthe ‘VICTORY’. The makers are confident that the teaser shall evoke interest and the film will satisfy all sections of the audience.

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