• News Channel Fires Employee For Supporting Ram

    We have already reported about how a Telugu News Channel tried to spit venom on Ram’s Nenu Sailaja film. They aired a completely negative review on the movie and tried their best to kill the film by saying that it’s a flop.

    Ram in Nenu Sailaja
    Ram in Nenu Sailaja

    An employee in the News Channel happened to be a hardcore fan of Ram. Sources close to the channel revealed that this employee made the review video private, so that nobody can access it. After coming to know about it, management fired that employee. 

    Hero Ram came to know about this entire issue and he promised that the employee (Who is also his fan) will be getting monthly salary from his office, till he gets another job.

    This good gesture from Ram didn’t go well with that News Channel. They are continuing to criticise Nenu Sailaja and Hero Ram with negative stories and programs.

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