• Nikitha banned in Kannada movies

    Days after Kannada Actor Darshan was arrested for beating up his wife. a series of new events unfolded, The ban comes after Darshan’s wife Vijayalaxmi named Nikitha in the police complaint. Kannada Film Producers’ Association (KFPA) imposed a three-year ban on actress Nikitha Thukral from acting in Kannada movies.

    Nikitha, who lost her father few days ago, had called the ban “ridiculous” and accused the KFPA for acting “without proof.”  The actress, talking from Mumbai, said: “Without consulting me, the KFPA has slapped the ban. Darshan and I have acted in three movies. There’s nothing between us beyond professional relationship.

    “I’ve been flooded with calls for the last three days and am going mad. I’m single and yet to get married. Has anyone thought of my future?  Is it right to tarnish a girl’s image? If Darshan has a problem with his wife, why should I be dragged into it?”

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