• One man who got cheated by Baahubali Team

    manu jagadh

    While Baahubali storm is hitting the entire globe, one man is not at all happy and in fact, is feeling cheated. He is none other than Manu Jagadh, the art director. He claims that he worked for more than year and gave the designs of everything including Kalakeyas costumes, Prabhas and Rana’s costumes. Howeve,r fate has a different story for Manu. 

    He developed some eye infection during the work which required multiple surgeries and year long treatment. But he tried his level best for the project as he considers Sabu Cyril as his guru. But to his shock, Manu Jagadh’s name came as Art Assistant in the movie while he was promised the Art director credit.

    Usually Art Assistant comes fourth in the hierarchy after Production designer – Art director – Associate Art director – Art Assistant and then set assistant. First Sabu Cyril claimed it is as a mistake and now he claims that Manu did not work to get the Art director status. Due to the respect on his guru, Manu do not want to complain about it in the association. But decided to stay away from the second part of Baahubali.

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