• One year ban for theaters indulging in Baahubali Piracy


    As the release date of Baahubali draws closer, the makers of Baahubali had shifted their focus on to controlling the piracy of their film. The movie unit and industry biggies have conducted a press meet regarding their anti-piracy plans a short while ago in Film Chamber.


    Speaking on this occasion, Allu Aravind announced that they are contemplating one year ban on those theaters who indulge in making piracy copies of the movie. Aravind said that those theaters will not get any releases and will have to remain idle for one year.


    They also announced a dedicated cell to monitor the online piracy of the movie. The makers have already obtained John Doe order which will make the downloaders as well as Internet Service Providers responsible for online piracy and  can be prosecuted with this order.

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