• Pencil Movie Review

    Starring: GV Prakash Kumar, Sri Divya, Shaariq Hussain and others
    Story, Screenplay and Direction: Mani Nagaraj
    Music: GV Prakash Kumar
    Producer: G Hari
    Banner: Hari Pictures


    Shiva (GV Prakash) is a School Topper and prepares himself for 2 years for a speech he got to deliver at UNESCO. Shiva is in madly love (one side) with a girl, Maaya Devineni (Sri Divya). In the same class, there is Nitin (Shaariq Hassan) who is the only son of a Telugu Superstar, Suresh Babu. He is the most arrogant brat and creates all sorts of trouble for every one. One day, he burns the speech prepared by Shiva, wasting his two years hard work. Shiva vows to kill him and some days later, Nitin gets killed with a Pencil. As every one doubt Shiva, the rest of the story is all about how the murder mystery is solved.

    Pencil Review
    Pencil Review


    GV Prakash Kumar seem to have come up with lot of improvement when compared to his last film, Trisha Ledha Nayantara. However he is yet to improve in terms of emotions. Sri Divya is very good in the role of a brave girl. Shaariq Hassan is a big asset to the film and impressed in the role with negative shades. VTV Ganeshan managed few laughs here and there. Rest of the characters are fine.

    Technical Performances:

    This is the directional debut of Mani Nagaraj. However he disappointed with his first outing. The story is a wafer thin with a thriller point. The suspense of the murder should be maintained in a way audience will keep guessing till it is revealed. But Mani Nagaraj came up with a poor screenplay. The narration is further disappointing due to which the story becomes predictable from start to end.

    We usually expect a wonderful album when a music director turns hero and score music for himself. GV Prakash had come up with a routine album with disappointing tunes. However the back ground score is good. Gopi Amarnath’s cinematography is good with excellent lighting and framing. Anthony’s editing should have been a lot better. Rajeevan came up with good art work. Super and Dileep Subbarayan have composed good stunts. Production Values are good.

    Plus Points:

    1. Anatogonist role by Shaariq Hassan
    2. Cinematography by Gopi Amarnath

    Minus Points:

    1. Predictable narration
    2. Songs by GV Prakash Kumar

    Final Say:

    The first half of the film is pretty average as director takes most of the film in establishing the characters and conflicts between the leads. However the suspense element in the second half is totally disappointment with poor narration as the suspense element is not withheld properly. Finally, Pencil ended up as a below average fare.

    Tollywood Andhra Rating: 2/5

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