• Positive Reports pouring in for Brahmotsavam

    The euphoria of Superstar Mahesh Babu’s Brahmotsavam is gripping the Telugu audience. The movie has completed its censor formalities the other day and all those Censor Reports, Inside Talks are seeming to very positive until now. Mahesh Babu fans are very much excited and are counting minutes to see the film.

    Good Reports for Brahmotsavam
    Good Reports for Brahmotsavam

    On the other side, the content for Overseas Premieres are being shipped today. A massive 220+ screens premiere are planned in Overseas for the film. Overseas is considered as forte for Mahesh Babu. Positive reviews will mean that $ 4 Million may not be that difficult for the movie. Except for Baahubali, no other film touched that mark until now.


    The Nizam distributor of the film some how managed permission for an addition 8.10 AM show for the film in all single screen theaters in the area on the release day. This is a huge bonus for the movie in Nizam. Along with this, several midnight, early morning and benefit shows are being planned for the film in Andhra and Ceeded.

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