• Prabhas and Rana deny Baahubali tickets to fans


    There is a never before seen or heard demand for the tickets of Baahubali on its release day. The movie is releasing in the highest number of theaters in Hyderabad, but there is ‘Sold Out’ status everywhere. Many fans are disappointed on not getting tickets, but the fact is that Prabhas and Rana were also reason for the tickets scarcity.

    It is reliably learned that Prabhas booked more than 10000 tickets for the movie in Hyderabad on Day-1 and Rana blocked all the recliner seats of the multiplexes in Hyderabad. They will be giving these tickets to their family, friends, relatives and staff denying fans.

    On the other side, many single-screen theaters have blocked the major amount of tickets to sell in the black market while some theaters did not keep first-day tickets online so as to make money totally. Even Multiplexes gave away most of their tickets through recommendations and obligations. Only a few tickets in the bottom rows are put for sale online.

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