• Raja Cheyyi Vesthe Movie Review

    Star Cast: Nara Rohit, Taraka Ratna, Isha Talwar and others

    Director: Pradeep

    Producer: Sai Korrapati

    Music Director: Sai Kartheek


    Vijay Manick (Taraka Ratna) is dreaded killer who even shakes the big men in the government. Two unknown persons tries to attack him. One of them gets killed while the other escapes. When this is happening, at a different place, there is Raja Ram (Nara Rohit), a wannabe director. One day he gets a letter from a man claiming to be a film director. He offers him a chance only if he comes with an impressive climax for him next film. This offer comes up with a danger for Raja. What is that? Where does that lead Raja to? forms the rest of the story.

    Raja Cheyyi Vesthe Movie Review
    Raja Cheyyi Vesthe Movie Review


    First things first, Nara Rohit should be commended for his excellent story selection. The immediate thing we notice is his chubby looks which are threatening his career. However he managed some steps even with such weight in this film. He is okay in acting but long way to go in dialogue delivery. Taraka Ratna gets a decent comeback role. His looks and body language is good but some how he missed the X factor needed for a villain. Isha Talwar scores very poor marks as a heroine.  Shivaji Raja makes a good comeback. Srinivas Avasarala’s cameo is worth mentioning.

    Technical Performances:

    The new comer Pradeep should be appreciated for picking up an interesting subject. The script is interesting with some good twists. But the major problem lies in the screenplay which could not keep the audience engrossed.  The love track, comedy totally disturb the proceedings further. Bad editing and mediocre audio by Sai Karthik are even disappointing. The camera work is also not up to the mark. Production Values are good.

    Plus Points:

    1. Casting
    2. Twists
    3. Good Subject

    Minus Points:

    1. Bad Screenplay
    2. Forced love and humour
    3. Poor Editing
    4. Mediocre Music

    Final Say:

    For a movie to be success, it is essential for a team to give their 100%. Raja Cheyyi Vesthe director faltered in the last step in connecting the final dots. As a result, a good thriller film is let down and falls short.

    Tollywood Andhra Rating: 2.5/5

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