• Rajamouli adds more attraction to Baahubali

    SS Rajamouli

    SS Rajamouli’s visual extravaganza, Baahubali is already shattering all the records across the globe left right and center. There is a festival-like environment at the movie theaters even on the second day. To keep up the steam, Rajamouli added some teaser shots from Baahubali-2 in the post credits of Baahubali. 

    The changes are already made to all the QUBE prints currently showing the movie. Remaining prints will also have the changes made today or tomorrow. These changes are expected to increase the repeat audience for the film, especially from fans.

    Trade experts are hoping that the movie will be the first 100 Crore plus Telugu movie. Baahubali will be shattering all the existing records of Telugu Cinema. Unless Baahubali-2 breaks them, the records of this film will stay unbeaten for a very long time.

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