• Rakshasudu Review

    Rakshasudu Review

    After delivering a disaster like Sikander/Anjaan, Suriya has teamed up with Venkat Prabhu for Rakshasudu/Masss. Nayantara and Pranita are the leading leading and Yuvan Shankar Raja composed music for the film. KE Gnanavel Raj produced both the Tamil and Telugu version. Let’s see how the film went on…


    Masss (Suriya) is an orphan and he earns his livelihood by cheating people. While escaping with money, Masss meet with a deadly accident and suddenly, he gets some super-natural powers. How will he handle those powers? Will Masss finds out the actual reason behind all these things? Watch the film on the big screen to know the twist in the tale.


    To begin with, Venkat Prabhu has requested media and fans not to promote Masss/Rakshasudu as a horror-comedy entertainer. Well, he definitely has a point in saying that. Rakshasudu is not a horror-comedy entertainer, but a revenge drama blended with horror and comedy.

    Nayantara was completely wasted in the film with a dull love story, which is not at all engaging. Throughout the film, Venkat Prabhu concentrated only on Suriya and Suriya. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s BGM is one of the major assets for the film and editor KL Praveen did a great job by keeping the film racy.

    Once again, Suriya has carried the film on his shoulders and his screen presence in unmatchable.



    Cinematography and Editing

    Action Episodes


    Predictable Plot

    Boring Love Story.

    Final Word: Rakshadudu is a decent film to watch in this Summer. 

    Tollywood Andhra Rating: 3/5

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