• Ranganath’s Children Open Up About Their Father’s Death

    Senior Actor Ranganath’s suicide has shocked his own family members. Entire Tollywood film fraternity expressed their condolences to the family members of Ranganath. However, people close to him are still not able to believe that a Strong Person like Ranganath has committed suicide.

    Actor Ranganath
    Actor Ranganath

    Speaking about their father’s death, Ranganath’s children Neeraja and Nagendra said,”We are still not able to digest the fact that our father has left us. Lot of people are blaming us for leaving him alone in his last days. But they need to understand that to was our father’s decision to stay alone in the house, where our mother breathed her last. Our father used to tell us that we should be prepared to face the society, if we hear about his death in the media”.

    Ranganath’s close friend said that the actor used to be scared to board a flight or even a bus and today, its shocking to know that there friend has committed suicide.

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