• Rudrama Devi in 3D without special glasses


    Despite the bad business, Gunasekhar is leaving no stone unturned in making his Rudhramma Devi more special. For the first time in India, a new technology is being employed for this movie with which the movie can be watched in 3D without wearing special glasses.

    This technology is called EDS technology and it will enable to experience 3D even in 2D theaters. This will help the makers immensely to take the 3D version to more theaters in the state as there are very fewer theaters in the state.

    Few prints will have this technology while few will have the usual 3D technology with which the movie can be seen only with glasses. Movie sharpness will decrease slightly in EDS Prints but still the watching experience will be good. Guna is yet to announce the release plans of the film.

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