• Sex and Violence in movies

    The cut throat competition between the film heroines forces them to go beyond their limits. The film makers also taking advantage of this situation obliges them for lip-locks, over exposing and play vulgar item songs in their films.

    Nayanatara, who impressed the industry and the people as Goddess Sita in ‘Sri Rama Rajyam’ movie, is ready to give a big shock to the people. In her upcoming ‘Krishnam Vande Jagadgurm’ film her exposing crosses limits. Perhaps, she may consider it as professional obligation. But, what is the impact on the people, who just seen her as Goddess Sita?

    Nowadays, lip-locks are also become very common in our films. Many of our big heroes and heroines have had this on-screen experiences and still willing to repeat it in their next films only for the sake of their fans?

    Heroes touching the private parts of heroines and speaking vulgar dialogues with them in the films also become latest trend in the industry. Tollywood actor Mahesh babu tops this kind of films. Most of his recently released films have vulgar language, which goes to such an extent that Censor has to mute many dialogues in his films. He is not the only one person who upkeep this trend, but majority of our heroes except one or two adopts this style hoping a sure hit with this formula.

    The second element that annoys the movie lovers is excessive violence in the films. Most of our action film heroes, each time comes with a new weapon in their hand. As if they are born to shred blood on the silver screens, they go on slaughtering the villain gangs with their all new weapons through out the length of the film. At the same they also shed enough blood to ensure a hit for their film. But, sadly people simply rejects such films without considering their blood shed.

    During the early times, heroes in our films are used to be projected as real heroes of life, certainly not as criminals or murderers. Even in case a hero character has to commit a murder or so, he will be jailed and at the end of the film regrets for his mistake, thus showing a moral in hero character. But, these days hero is neither accountable to law of the land nor to any morals. Instead, our movie makers project his crimes as heroic and inspire the innocent youngsters to follow him. Jr.NTR, Mahesh babu, Allu Arjun, and many of our heroes specializes in playing violent roles.

    Perhaps,lm makers may argue that they can’t take risk with their money doing a simple family stories or love stories. But, did they have any assurance of a sure-hit with this kind of violent movies? If so, why did their big budget films like ‘Khaleja’, ‘Shakti’, ‘Dhada’ etc turns utter flops in the industry? If, they believe over exposing and vulgar dialogues can give a hit, then why did such films also miserably fails at box-office? There are no answers. Yet, everyone loves to blindly follow these formulas. But, the impact of such films on the society especially on youth is very much worrying.

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